Alphabetic Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails Directory

The table below provides basic information for more than 70 Smoky Mountain hikes. This list of trails are in alphabetical order. By clicking on any trail name you'll find more detailed information, including trail descriptions, key features, directions, pictures, elevation profiles and maps.
Difficulty Rating Defined: a difficulty rating of less than 5 is generally considered to be an easy hike. Between 5 and 10 is moderate, and anything over 10 is considered to be strenuous. Please click here for a more detailed explanation on difficulty ratings for all trails in the Smoky Mountains.

R/T on the table heading below stands for total round trip miles.

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Alphabetical List of Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails

TrailLocationTrail FeaturesRoundtrip MilesElevation GainDifficulty Rating
Abrams FallsCades Cove / TownsendWaterfalls5.26756.55
Albright GroveGreenbrier / CosbyOld Growth Forest / History / Solitude6.714759.65
Alum CaveGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteViews / Interesting Geological Features4.411256.65
Andrews BaldNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomePanoramic Views3.53.55.3
Appalachian TrailGreat Smoky MountainsLong Distance Hikingn/an/an/a
Avent CabinElkmontHistory / Quiet Forest Hike25053.01
Balsam High TopBalsam MountainSolitude / Quiet Forest Hike7.6253512.67
Baskins Creek FallsGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteWaterfalls39534.91
Benton MacKaye TrailGreat Smoky MountainsLong Distance Hikingn/an/an/a
Big Creek / Mouse Creek FallsBig CreekWaterfalls4.26055.41
Big Fork Ridge LoopCataloocheeOld Growth Forest / Historical9.3180012.90
Boogerman LoopCataloocheeHistorical / Streams / Old Growth Forest7.410409.48
Brushy Mountain (Greenbrier)Greenbrier / CosbyViews11.7300017.70
Brushy Mountain (Trillium Gap)Gatlinburg / Mt. LeConteViews / Wildflowers / Falls6.8174510.29
Bullhead TrailGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteViews / Interesting Geological Features5.916079.11
Cataloochee DivideCataloocheeViews / Historic / Wildflowers10125012.5
Charlies BunionNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomePanoramic Views8.1164011.38
Chasteen Creek CascadeCherokee / Deep CreekWaterfall / Stream / Wildflowers3.63404.28
Chestnut TopCades Cove / TownsendViews / Wildflowers8.6148611.57
Chimney TopsGatlinburg / Mt. LeContePanoramic Views3.314876.27
Cove MountainElkmontWaterfalls / Old Growth Forest7.7177611.25
Cucumber Gap LoopElkmontStream / Wildflowers / Historical5.68307.26
Curry Mountain TrailElkmontQuiet Forest Hike6.411648.73
Deep Creek LoopCherokee / Deep CreekWaterfalls / Wildflowers4.65795.76
Flat Creek FallsBalsam MountainWaterfalls46005.2
Gatlinburg TrailGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteStream / History3.92354.37
Goldmine LoopCherokee / Deep CreekHistorical / Lake Views3.16154.33
Grapeyard Ridge Trail (Greenbrier)Greenbrier / CosbyHistorical / Injun Creek steam engine wreck5.89807.76
Gregory Bald (Gregory Ridge)Cades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Flame Azaleas / Old Growth Forest11.3302017.34
Gregory Bald (Parson Branch)Cades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Flame Azaleas / Old Growth Forest8.8230013.4
Grotto FallsGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteWaterfalls2.65853.77
Hemphill Bald LoopBalsam MountainPanoramic Views / Old Growth Forest13.7217018.04
Hen Wallow FallsGreenbrier / CosbyWaterfalls4.49006.2
Huskey Gap (Little River Trail)ElkmontStream / Wildflowers / Historical10108012.16
Huskey Gap (Newfound Gap Rd)Gatlinburg / Mt. LeConteQuiet Forest Hike / Wildflowers4.212706.74
Indian Creek FallsCherokee / Deep CreekWaterfalls1.91502.2
Jump Off, TheNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomePanoramic Views6.512759.05
Juney Whank FallsCherokee / Deep CreekWaterfalls0.51940.89
Kanati Fork TrailCherokee / Deep CreekWildflowers414956.99
Kephart Prong TrailCherokee / Deep CreekStream / Historical4.29556.11
Laurel FallsElkmontWaterfalls2.33142.93
Little Brier GapElkmontWalker Sisters Place2.62853.17
Little River TrailElkmontStream / Wildflowers / Historical4.94125.72
Lonesome Pine OverlookCherokee / Deep CreekViews6.7230011.3
Lumber Ridge TrailCades Cove / TownsendQuiet Forest Hike / Solitude8.1152411.15
Meigs Creek TrailElkmontQuiet Forest Hike713809.76
Meigs Mountain TrailElkmontQuiet Forest / History4.66615.92
Middle Prong TrailCades Cove / TownsendWaterfalls / History8.3114010.58
Mingus Creek TrailCherokee / Deep CreekHistoric / Wildflowers / Stream5.815158.83
Mountains-to-Sea TrailGreat Smoky MountainsLong Distance Hikingn/an/an/a
Mt. CammererGreenbrier / CosbyPanoramic Views / Historical11.1304517.19
Mt. LeConte (Boulevard Trail)Newfound Gap / Clingmans DomePanoramic Views / Old Growth Forest15.6300021.6
Mt. LeConte (via Bullhead)Gatlinburg / Mt. LeContePanoramic Views14.4399322.39
Mt. LeConte (Rainbow Falls)Gatlinburg / Mt. LeContePanoramic Views / Waterfalls13.8399321.79
Mt. LeConte (via Trillium Gap)Gatlinburg / Mt. LeContePanoramic Views / Waterfalls13.9340120.7
Mt. Sterling (via Baxter Creek)Big CreekPanoramic Views / Old Growth Forest12.2420020.6
Newton BaldCherokee / Deep CreekQuiet Forest Hike / Views10280015.6
Noland DivideNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomeViews / Forest Diversity7.2167910.56
Oconaluftee River TrailCherokee / Deep CreekHistorical / Stream3703.14
Ogle PlaceGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteHistory / Stream0.8900.98
Old Settlers Trail (Maddron Bald)Greenbrier / CosbyHistorical / Tyson McCarter Barn8.8165012.1
Porters Creek TrailGreenbrier / CosbyWaterfalls / Stream / Flowers / Historical / Old Growth Forest46995.4
Rainbow FallsGatlinburg / Mt. LeConteWaterfalls5.416858.77
Ramsey CascadesGreenbrier / CosbyWaterfalls / Old Growth Forest8219012.38
Rich Mountain LoopCades Cove / TownsendViews / Wildflowers / Historical8.517361736
Rocky Top / ThunderheadCades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Mtn Laurel13.9366521.23
Rough Fork TrailBalsam MountainQuiet Forest Hike5.26006.4
Schoolhouse GapCades Cove / TownsendQuiet Forest Hike / Wildflowers3.85134.83
Schoolhouse GapCades Cove / TownsendQuiet Forest Hike / Wildflowers3.85134.83
Silers BaldNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomePanoramic Views9.3215213.6
Smokemont LoopCherokee / Deep CreekStream / Wildflowers / Forest6.514419.38
Spence Field (Anthony Creek)Cades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Mtn Laurel10.3284215.98
Spence Field (via Lead Cove)Cades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Mtn Laurel9.4310015.6
Spence / Russell Field LoopCades Cove / TownsendPanoramic Views / Mtn Laurel13.3305019.4
Spruce-Fir TrailNewfound Gap / Clingmans DomeSpruce-Fir Forest0.4250.4
Spruce Flats FallsCades Cove / TownsendWaterfall1.44602.32
Sugarland Mtn Trail (upper)Newfound Gap / Clingmans DomeSolitude / Views710909.18
Sugarland Mtn Trail (lower)ElkmontQuiet Forest Hike615009
Toms Branch FallsCherokee / Deep CreekWaterfalls0.6470.69
West Prong TrailCades Cove / TownsendQuiet Forest Hike / Stream5.413758.15